Why Noodles?

Although this blog has only been active for a few days, a number of friends and family members have already asked, “Why noodles?”

Well, why not noodles? Noodles have been in existence for thousands of years. Billions of mouths have eaten them, and they are the backbones of many cultures and communities. President Obama and Anthony Bourdain recently bonded over Vietnamese pho and the Internet exploded. The Japanese chain Ichiran has an almost cultish following of its restaurants, where diners are fully immersed into the ramen noodle eating experience, without distraction from the wait staff or other customers. And the Instagram account @liftingnoodles has over 29,000 followers – all admiring an endless photo stream of lifted noodles. Finally, if you look at Google Trends, the searches for “noodles”, “ramen”, and “pho” have been steadily increasing over the last 5 years, showing a growing global love for our humble starchy friend.


Despite this growing phenomena, there are thousands of noodle varieties, recipes and dishes that are still waiting to be discovered. Depending on who you ask, the Chinese, Italians and Arabs all claim that they invented the noodle. In essence, noodles aren’t only limited to pad thai, chicken lo mein, and beef chow fun. In theory, you can almost make anything out of noodles.

My hope is that this project will help others and myself learn about all of the different noodle dishes around the world, and the rich cultures and histories from which these noodles were born. I think we’re onto something. Happy noodling!


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